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You're Blushing
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What's up everyone!? I thought I'd update about my trip with Aimee to Anaheim!

Day 1

Well, the ride down seemed to FLY by! I had so much fun talking with Aimee and taping and stuff! XD well, on the way we stopped at The Flying J gas station, got Aimee some batteries, then back in the car we went! After a hour or so more driving Aimee had to Pee really badly and started to sing, "I HAVE TO PEE, PEE, I HAVE TO PEE, BECAUSE PEEING IS GOOD FOR THE SOULLLLLL!" >.< Her dad FINALLY stopped at another gas station so she could pee. XD

Soon after, we got to the Hotel. Basically, we only go to the parking lot because right after Aimee, Alex and I went over to the convention center to get our badges. After about three hours in line we FINALLY got our badges. We went back to the hotel, changed into our costumes and went back to the convention. I dsat in my Box that said "Please Feed Me' on the side. I didn’t expect people to ACTUALLY feed me, but they did! I got a granola bar, some gum, and a penny XD. After a while, We went to the hotel and went to Downtown Disney with Aimee's parents. There, I bought my mom a Pirates of the Caribbean Shot glass (Not that she'll drink out of it XD) and we watched a guy play the violin! We also ate at the EPSN zone which has AWESOME food! Oh! And someone got married at Disneyland! We saw the bride and Groom riding in a carriage! What a freaking BEAUTIFUL WEDDING! Lol!
Day 2

DISNEYLAND! Yay! ^^! Okay, first we put our junk into a locker and headed off and meet Ashlie and Scott. We went on the Splash mountain ride first! I LOVE THAT RIDE! Aimee, hated it, and swore she'd never ride it again. Then, I think we went on Thunder Mountain railroad…? At first, Aimee And her mom didn't want to go on it, but then they did. Aimee's mom regretted it, but I think Aimee had fun. Then, we went to Torrowland. Aimee and her mom waited in the restaurant while Ashlie, Scott, Aimee's Dad and I went on space mountain. (Actually, it was just me Ashlie and Scott the first time, the second time Aimee's dad came with us!) and we have pictures from that! Then Ashlie and Scott left to go to Anime Expo. Then I went on the Buzz Light-year Ride with Aimee. Aimee had been saying she was going to kick my butt on that ride, but I WHOOPED up on her! HAHA! Lol! Then, we went on the Spinning tea-cup ride! It was really fun! ^^ Then…Hrm…I don't remember. OH! We went back to the hotel and went swimming. We were in the pool and it was only us and two guys in the pool. Aimee and I were just sitting on the steps, and I could tell the guys were checking us out (XD muhahaha!) and then one started swimming towards us and the other started freaking out and yeah, we left the pool area. XD

After a little while, we went back to Disneyland to watch fantasmic! The first show we couldn't see because of all the big headed people! XD but we could see the fireworks which were AWESOME! but then after that everyone started to leave and I ran and got us front row seats for the second showing of Fantasmic! ^^ It was awesome! And then we went on the Haunted house ride! XD its kind of lame but I like the end where the lady goes "Hurry bacccccck! Don't forget to bring you Death certificate." XD and then we went to the hotel and went to sleep.

Day 3

We got up and got into our costumes and went to Expo! We got loads of pocky and I got a GIANT cookie! People are really cool! I liked sitting in that box! Lol! People took our pictures and said we were really cute! I also bought a shirt that says "Beware the panty thief" and has a ninja carrying stolen panties. I also got myself drawn Anime style! XD oh yeah! And we waiting in line to see the FMA Movie! WHICH WAS WICKED FREAKING AWESOME! Then, we went back to the hotel and were going to go swimming but the pools were really packed. Then we went to the Jolly Roger café. While we were waiting for a table this guy was paying for his meal and he started talking to the cashier. He was a freaking JERK! He was saying how much he regretted eating there and that the food was cold and service was slow and it was terrible and started telling people to go across the street to the deli! Well, Aimee and I shared some Spaghetti and a Ice cream Sundae and its was GREAT! ^^! We left a 5 dollar tip with a note saying how good it was, and we told the cashier how yummy it was! ^^

Back at the hotel, Aimee and I had the room all to ourselves and we played Pirates of the Caribbean Monopoly (Which Aimee's mom bought). In the middle of playing Monopoly I aw the fireworks were going so Aimee and I bolted to the roof and watched the fireworks. The people in the hotel next to us were cheering and we yelled "HAHA! WE HAVE A BETTER VIEW!" it was funny!

Day 4

The last day *sigh* It was depressing. But, we decided to go to the expo in normal clothes and get Aimee a shirt from the store I had bought one at previously. Aimee got a shirt that said "I wish I was Japanese" in Japanese. I really liked the owners of the stores! That day I wore my Ninja shirt and the owner were all "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" And they asked if anyone had really reacted to my shirt and I said, "Well, not really, but I'm sure my parents will…" They started laughing and said to tell my parents that the ninja didn't have panties and that he was taking food to all the staving children XD And well, I couldn't help myself, I bought another shirt! It says 'American Devil' In Japanese on it XD then, after we changed, Aimee and I started seeing all these people with different sign saying 'Hug me' or 'Glomp me' and At first I thought these people were strange for wanting hugs from complete strangers, but then Me and Aimee started walking around in surgeons masks with a sign that said, "WARNING: Contagious Diseases! Hugs are the cure!" and we got about fifty hugs! Someone picked Aimee up and kept spinning her! It was awesome! Lol! I got power glomped by this cool guy, and this other guy picked me up and 180ed me XD sadly, after that we pretty much had to leave. Aimee and Slept mostly the whole ride home. But, all in all, it was THE MOST AWESOME TIME EVER! I really hope we can go next year! *crosses fingers* ^^ It'll be really fun! ^^ Well, ttyl!

--Much love ^^ Laramie-Pasta-Assmerelda-Bob

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AHHH! Piano Recital! OMG NOOOOOO!

I'm so afraid I'm gonna screw up really badly! its tomorrow night! X.x;;; well, I hoep I do Okay X.x;;

Whoa, apparently Aimee was invited to the baseball game, and I wasn't. AM I SO UNLOVED!? lol, jk. Well, g2g X.x;; ttyl and wish e luck...Lots of it...

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Well, I'm sorry I haven't updated properly!!! Well, anyways here its goes:

Today was my last piano lesson of the summer! Don't get me wrong, I love playing piano, but, my parents are always pushing me to practice and stupid stuff! My mom got all huffy because I didn't do any laundry today. I don't see her jumping all over Spencer! Or Kittrick! Kittrick is always laying around reading, and Spencer just watches T.V.! So, yeah, that's crap. I don't see why I'm pegged as the person that has to do all the housework, is it cuz I'm the only girl?! Argghhhhh -.-'''''

Well, I'm really nervous about this Saturday. I have that piano recital thingy. My piece is sounding pretty good, I'm just going to have to practice it like crazy! *Sigh* meaning I'm going to have to go to sleep sooner. Its not my fault, for some reason I can't get to sleep at night.

I'm trying this diet-thingy! Its where you have to burn double the calories you eat. I think Its kind of going well. I Ate a lot today, but I think I may have burned it off XD I need the XBOX in my room so I can play DDR to burn off some calories.

I was on the hammock the other day, and I fell off. I hit the ground pretty hard and hurt my leg and my dog, Toby, ran over to me and I was like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? GO GET LASSIE!!!!!!!" XD! I know, I'm random and stupid XD I can't help it! Lol! Well, I g2g T.T later ^_^;;

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Dude, I'm really nervous about getting my License! I dunno why, but I really am!

I'm really nervous about my money too! x.X;; I feel sick...

I think I need to go to sleep. *sigh*

TOMORROW IS DEATH DAY! BUHAHAHAHA! lol, jk. I think I might throw up... not because of death day! lol!

Ttyl *waves*

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After piano today, my dad let me drive! IT WAS AWESOME!

There were a few times when I hit the gas to hard and then let off and mad ethe car bounce and stuff, but it went smoothly...Actually, once I tried shifting gears and nearly hit a hill, but I didn't! *wipes away sweat drop* XD

Piano recilte (sp?) is coming up! X3!
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Hi! Aimee is here! and we're writing a very...Exciting story together! Wicked, eh! We also made Aimees Anime Expo costume! It didn't turn out as wonderful as I would've hoped, but, her costume, not mine XD jk! well, Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Well, I'll update further later, I have to go look for oddly shaped chickens under my bed (Long story XD)

Bye bye! ^^!

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Ackkkk! X.x;;

Sorry I haven't updated x.X;;

Wow, some people are so imature and stupid, that they go onto peoples sites and Say mean things about them anonimusly (Sp? lol) if you have something to say about someone, you shouldn't hide behind something, just come out an say it! lol, sorry, kinda lost in my own little angry world. Some people make me really pissed off -.-''''

So right now, I'm asking someone, ANYONE to come forward and say something they HATE about me, and not anonimusly!

So please, do comment with that.

in otehr news, softball is over, blahy blah blah! all lame stuff no one wants to hear! ^^;; I need some sleep! lol

Man, when my parents used to say stuff about moving, I would get all mad and tell them there was no way I would move! But, it kinda seems like a good idea in ways; fresh start, new people. Not the same old angry retards (Not talkign about any of my friends! lol! I feel much affection for you guys! lol) anyways, I'm done with my retared little rant, that no one will even understand the meaning to.

(To sum up, a angry person left a mean message about me, that wasn't true. That'll help *winks*)

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Sorry I haven't update din a while T.T I'll make a full update tonight, but for now, heres something I drew (out of boredem!)

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Like it? ^^ lol
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Okay, I have to think of ten words that start with P

1) Pie-- Because pie taste good =D!!
2) Pickle-- Because pickles taste good XD
3) Pretend-- Because its fun to Pretend sometimes! XD
4) Picture-- Because pictures are awesome, it give you the ability to freeze a moment of your life forever ^^;;
5) Protect-- Because I'm a protective person over my friends and family
6) Promise-- Becaus when I amke a promise, I'll go through great lengths to keep it.
7) Please-- Because I like to please people ^^
8) Play - Because I like to play games ^^ lol
9) Practice-- Because Practice makes perfect! ^^

Comment on this post and I'll give you a letter
+ Think of ten words that start with that letter, and Explain why you chose them.
+ Repost this in your LJ (if you want)

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